Product Manager & Marketplace for Buyers

Product Manager is the core product which allows buyers and suppliers to create, manage and share content. It breaks a catalogue in to modular components to make creation of content easier for the supplier. Marketplace is the area where purchasers complete their shopping, searching the goods and services which you provide. The purchasers select the items they require from Marketplace, and submit this to you on an order.


Product Manager

Product Manager allows for flexible content sharing between buyers and suppliers. You will be able to manage the content available to you in the Marketplace by requesting content from your suppliers and creating agreements for content.

On the reverse, your suppliers can upload all of their content once (items, images etc.) and create simple price lists for different buyers or communities without having to reload the same content multiple times.

This content can be organised into ‘views’ by your admin owner that will allow each user to only see the appropriate content for their role.  We have been able to include innovative new features and also ensure that your eProcurement journey more closely matches how you do this work in real life. On this page you will find more details around how to use the system and accompanying materials.